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Something to get you started

Looking to develop your lesson but not sure where to turn? Need help planning or executing your next class? Let THIS website guide you. It was my go to, I could literally plan ALL of my classes by using this website alone.


It's free to sign up and download, absolutley no charge, but you can donate to the guys behind it all to keep the site up. If you are using Powerpoint presentations search for a guy called Herber, absolutley insane! 

HOWEVER the best Powerpoint tool ever made was made by yours truly! It not only reinforced my students English but it killed 20 minutes from EVERY class, the students literally never got bored. If your students can count then they can play this, I had the students going crazy over this game but I'd click my fingers and they'd INSTANTLY sit down arms crossed. I'm giving my lesson template and this tool to everyone who goes through WEST2EAST.NET ....

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