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Whether you're an experienced educator, a recent graduate, or simply an adventurer looking to find yourself during a gap year, have no fear.... WEST2EAST.NET is here.   
Our opportunities in education range from teaching all the way up to management, and our purpose is to provide you with the guidance and assistance to start or continue your career in China. 
Before even embarking upon this auspicious experience in the Middle Kingdom, WEST2EAST.NET will be there with you every step of the way.  
Prior to booking your tickets, our experienced staff will make sure that you are comfortable as well as reassured that you have all the correct documents as well as information to ensure your expectations become reality.
Before you even land and are picked up from the airport, our foreign customer service team will be there to make sure that you receive all the proper accommodations.
west2east.net was founded by expats who know how it feels to be new in China, we make sure all your needs are taken care of and held to that of a western standard. Simply put, our goal is to make becoming an educator and assimilating into Chinese culture... well... easy. 
Wherever and whatever field in education you are looking for in China, this is the place to start.

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